Our dog Tofu

My partner and I have a dog. His name is Tofu and he's somewhere between an Australian Shepperd and a Border Collie, but mostly we don't care.

Raising a dog requires quite some dedication, especially when the dog is high energy. I'd describe Tofu as having medium-high energy, meaning that he has high energy but it could be somewhat higher. (I used to think he was inexhaustible, but now I'm used to it. After having a dog for a while, you meet other dog owners and notice the differences. I've met truly high energy dogs and I thank the old man in the sky that they are not mine.)

Anyway, I just wanted to link to some good resources about dog training and behaviour. The web is wild, and finding good information is difficult. I learned a lot from these books:

I also got some experience with dog training by going to obedience and agility classes. (Make no mistake, dog training schools are for dog owners, not the dogs.)

There are many dog training schools you can go to where I live and I've been to two. The first one was old-school and used so-called "balanced" training techniques, meaning they use both reward and punishment in training. However, in practice, it was often unbalanced unnecessary punishment. We left them. Now, we're going to a school which primarily uses reward-based training techniques. It's going great.

Figure 1: Tofu's professional profile picture