Maxime Jakubowski

Figure 1: A picture of me

Welcome to my personal website. At this moment, this website is still in its infancy and it will grow in quality and quantity over time. You have to start somewhere after all.

About me

Currently, I am pursuing a PhD in computer science within a joint program with UHasselt and VUB through the AI Research Flanders program. Within my field of study I am mainly interested in the intersection of databases and knowledge representation. However, I am continually figuring out exactly what I find interesting.

Next to defining myself as a student, I can also define myself as a specifically curious person. My scope of interest is wide and sparse. At this stage of my life I am still figuring out what unites them — if they unite at all. A list of things I like to spend my time doing:

  • music — playing the piano, the accordeon
  • cooking
  • literature — some fantasy, some literary fiction, some non-fiction
  • hiking
  • drawing

This list is incomplete and in no particular order. I'm also not claiming to be an expert, or even good, at any of these things. My time is spend mainly by persuing my interests slowly. The only reason I do any of this is because I want to.

Online presence

You can find me in the following places:

What to expect from this in the future

Please do not expect anything.